Choice Lunch

DUE TO COVID- OUR LUNCH PROCEDURES HAVE CHANGED. Please log into Konstella to find current information about Choice lunch. 
CHOICELUNCH to serve Hillsborough City School District during the current school year

We are excited to serve the families of Hillsborough City School District and we hope you are too.We thank you and appreciate your business. For over 10 years now, Choicelunch has been serving up the best school lunches in the Bay Area and the state, by offering families wholesome food choices using locally-sourced, all-natural and organic ingredients such as seasonal fruits and veggies, antibiotic and hormone-free meats, and 100% whole-grain breads baked daily. If it's in our fruit and veggie bin and it's on the Dirty Dozen list, it's either organic or confirmed pesticide-free from the source. We have nothing to hide and our parents have access to the nutritional analysis and allergen information online. Our program and facility is 100% nut free and our menu offers your children 16 entrée choices per day (4 hot and 12 cold) made fresh in our kitchens daily. At school, Choicelunch kids are empowered to make healthy choices from our daily assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, and drinks (milk, H2O, juice). Our menu always provides for children that are vegetarian or require meals that are free of the top 8 allergies including gluten free and dairy free.

Constantly innovating, we were the first company to develop an iPhone app for parents to order, cancel, and filter allergens for their children’s lunches! Coming this year we will be releasing an Android app as well!

How to orderAll ordering is done online using our website You can order daily, weekly and monthly (We recommend ordering monthly). Please use your registration code Hillsborough to login and create your username and password. Fill out all the applicable areas of the registration and make sure you use your child’s full name. Please fill out our allergen filter to list your child’s allergies. Please use your MC/Visa or Amex to complete the registration. Once completed you will be able view the menu and order. (Please note: Families with multiple children can have all their kids on one account). Remember we have an iPhone app or you can use any smart device to view, order and cancel.

Order deadlines and cancellations: Lunch order is due by 9 am one day before (example: Monday 9am for Tuesday etc.) In addition, our families have the luxury of being able to order lunch as late as 6am the school day of service for an additional charge. Any cancellation by 9am day before, child will get 100% credit; by 9am same day is 50% credit. 

Lunch Distribution: At the lunch counter, please pick-up your recyclable tray; pick one fruit or veggie from our bin, one snack; and one drink. To get your hot or cold lunch entrée, give your lunch volunteer your full name and grade. Condiments will be available at the lunch table.

Customer Service: Please contact us at with any question you might have.

Volunteer to help out in the lunch room: Contact Rochelle Kushner via Konstella