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Library Volunteer Opportunities

The North Library needs your help! We’re looking for parents, grandparents & care givers to help our kids out by volunteering in our library. It’s quick and easy and a great chance to be able to be a part of your child’s day. Most importantly, it frees up our Librarian, Ms. Morgan to do what she does best- inspire a love for reading in all students.

Have some time in the afternoons? The library is open every day 2-3pm for parents to lend a hand.  Come early to pickup and led a little "Library Love" to Mrs. Morgan. 

Volunteer Duties might include:

·      Checking books in and out

·      Organizing and re-shelving books

·      Straightening shelves

·      Organizing magazines

·      Helping pull books for special displays or projects

Please contact your room parent for sign up information. 

One of North Parent Group's most successful programs is Dedicate A Book.  Our children and library have greatly benefited from the many contributions this program has generated in the past. In addition to helping keep our library's inventory of books and materials current, one of the goals of our Dedicate A Book program is to create an awareness of the need to support our community libraries. It gives our children an early example of the commitment that must be made in order to keep our library strong. You may dedicate a book in honor of your children, teachers, a friend, or to acknowledge a milestone or special occasion.  Dedicate a book in honor of your child starting a new grade or celebrating a birthday! Looking for the perfect thank you gift? Dedicate a book to the North Library in honor of a friend or family member. 

Once you Dedicate A Book using the link below, your child (or honoree) will have his or her name posted in our library display window, and a book will be purchased in his or her honor. If the book is purchased in honor of your child, then your child will be the first to checkout the book from the library!

To Dedicate A Book go to

If you have any questions about the Dedicate A Book program, please email our Library Liaison,  Nancy Kedzierski:

Summer Reading Lists
Recommended reading lists and information regarding the Burlingame Library Summer Reading challenge can be found on the North School Library page.