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Meet more parents, get to know teachers better, see your child at school, make a difference at North School.....all this and more can happen when you volunteer! 

For classroom specific activities (Art in Action, Library and class parties) please contact your room parent or the NPG Room Parent Coordinator, Jennifer Nissenberg ( for more information. Room parents generally use Shutterfly to manage classroom volunteer opportunities. In addition to classroom activities, we need parents to help out in the lunchroom with the distribution of hot lunch orders. Recess Pals is also another fantastic opportunity for parents to help supervise the playground during recess - allowing staff the opportunity to enjoy their lunch time. It is amazing the things you learn when observing the students while they play! 

Committee Sign -ups:

Lunchroom Duty sign ups: Contact Rochelle Kushner for more information. 

Hillsborough Recreation: Click HERE