Service Learning

North School Service Learning 2018/2019 School Year

North Service Learning is a volunteer effort between North Hillsborough School staff and parents. North SL’s mission is to prepare students to be leaders of positive change in the world and instill them with a lifelong passion for service. The program empowers students to take action to positively and directly impact needs in local, regional and global communities through integrating service learning experiences with the learning process. Here is a look at some of the events we are planning this year!


CHANGE for CHANGE 2018/2019- Theme for this year is THE ENVIRONMENT

Change for Change (C4C) is our annual program where we raise funds for a special organization serving those in need.  For two weeks in the Spring, students will be encouraged to bring in extra coins from home that can be earned through chores, lemonade stands, etc. and place them in a coin collection bin in their classroom. Last year our kids raised over 4,300 dollars for the Magical Bridge Playground. They also created designs on how to make the North Playground more inclusive and participated in our District wide movie night in the MPR to see “Wonder”.

Soccer Gear Drive- November 5th-16th

For two weeks we are going to be collecting gear to send to kids in rural, southern Costa Rica who do not have access to quality gear . Please drop your gently-used or new items into the large bin in front of the school. We are looking for: soccer uniforms, shin guards, goalie gloves, soccer balls (deflated preferred, ball pumps, cones, whistles, clean socks, cleats in a plastic bag to keep them together. Any questions please contact Amy Liou at

CALL Primrose Thanksgiving 2018 - FILL A BOX / FEED A FAMILY!

Through the generosity of so many in our community, CALL Primrose has been able to provide special meal supplies for over 800 families during the Holidays each year! This year, we're asking North families to help feed the many food insecure families in our area by donating a Thanksgiving Food Box. If you're interested in participating, please sign up here:

San Francisco Food Bank December 2nd- 3-5 pm

Come and enjoy this family and teacher friendly event in the city. The SF Food bank has been extremely generous to North Service Learning by allowing us to have all 80 spots available for this highly coveted opportunity. Last year we packed over 2,300 pounds of rice and sorted over 13,500 pounds of apples. The kids love the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and participate!


North Service Learning:

Project Night Night Event after school date TBD- January/February 2019

Another Family-Friendly Opportunity to Do Good!

Project Night Night  is a non-profit organization that gives care packages to homeless children in the Bay Area. This year we are planning another letter writing/care package making event in the library or MPR. We will show your child a short video about Project Night Night and then give them guidance to write a caring letter to the child receiving the care package that you provide. We ask that each participant bring a "Bedtime Bundle" including a new stuffed animal, a new blanket, and a new children's book which your child will put into a small bag provided by North Service Learning along with their letter. Last year we assembled and donated over 150 bundles!

Please click on the link to see North Service Learning’s Annual School Calendar of Activities North SL 2018-2019 Calendar

2017/2018 School Year North Service Learning Accomplishments

-  San Francisco Food Bank(November and March)  November: Packed 2,360 pounds of rice; March: sorted 13,552 pounds of apples and packed 610 pounds of rice

- CALL Primrose Thanksgiving Box Donations for Food Insecure People in our community Donated 66 of boxes of food for a Thanksgiving meal that went to 66 families in need in our community. Families were given questions and discussion suggestions to allow their families to talk about what it means to be “food insecure”.

-  Project Night Night (February): Donated and assembled over 150 nighttime bundles that included a cozy blanket, a book and a stuffed animal then wrote beautiful cards to children in shelters who would receive these bundles.

-  Change for Change: Magical Bridge Foundation (March)- Created designs on how to make North Playground more inclusive during an after school program; Family play date at Magical Bridge Playground Park in Palo Alto;  Family movie night in the MPR to see “Wonder”; Change for Change Total: $4,377 (did chores, bakes sales, lemonade stands, etc. to raise funds for Magical Bridge Foundation)

 North Service Learning also partnered with North School staff on the following grade level programs…

o  Hidden Villa Field trip and Lunch Waste Sorting Exercise (1st graders)

o  Arcade Game Design with Bridgeschool students (3rd  graders)

o  Ability Awareness Puppet show (Kindergarten and 1st graders)

o  Launched a year long Kindness Challenge: when students did something kind for others, they were celebrated when they sent a picture and note in to share the kindness s/he did!


2016-17 Year at a Glance:

Service Learning: What Were North Students Up To?

Impress your children with some “insider information”.  Read up on the ongoing and upcoming North Service Learning projects, and spark some great dinner table discussion!

North 1st Graders were enthusiastic participants during their first Service Learning program of the year! They had a parent-led, hands-on experience learning about recycling and composting while sorting through their own school lunches. They learned ways to pack a more eco-friendly lunch with many no/low waste ideas. While visiting Hidden Villa the next day, students saw first hand how compost is used on the farm. Need ideas on how you can pack more eco-friendly lunches? Ask a North 1st grader, or click here.

Congratulations North School! On Oct. 8th, North was recognized at DogFest Silicon Valley, for outstanding fundraising efforts during last year’s Change 4 Change program. Ms. Alice Bobel, Rhett (North’s service dog), and student Evelyn L (pictured) were there to represent!

December Recap
What a month!  We are so thankful for our hardworking committee, collaborative North Staff and our enthusiastic 5th Grade Service Learning Ambassadors.  Here’s what happened this month:
  • - Our 5th Grade SL Ambassadors helped facilitate an Ability Awareness Puppet Show for North Kindergartners and 1st graders. (See photo)

  • - Under the guidance of Mr. Chamblin, North 3rd graders collaborated with the Bridge School and Learning Center to design & build Arcade Games in the iLab. This month the students got to play the games together.

  • - We had over 80 parents, students and North staff volunteer at the SF Food Bank. Together we packed 18,000 lbs. of oranges and 400 lbs. of rice that will go to families in need in the Bay Area. Thanks to everyone that participated!
  • Launch of the Used Crayon & Marker Drive. This program will continue throughout the school year. Boxes can be found in every classroom.

On behalf of the North Service Learning Team, we wish you a joyful holiday and look forward to making a difference together in the New Year.  ~Kristi, Lindsey and Nellie, North Service Learning.