Traffic & Safety Rules


Please take a moment to read the following traffic and safety rules. Please share them with anyone other than you (caregivers, nanny, grandparents) who will be driving your children to and from school.

The Hillsborough Police department will monitor and enforce parking and traffic regulations around our school. They work with us to ensure the safety of our children, and we are very fortunate to have their support.

The following procedures should be referenced for dropping off and picking up your child at North School.  Please remember to drive slowly at all times and proceed cautiously through the traffic circle and the surrounding areas.  We want to keep our precious community safe!

Morning Drop Off:

1.       Pull as far forward to the front of the circle as traffic will allow. Volunteers will be available to open your child’s door.

2.       Please have your child ready to get out of the car (lunches and backpacks ready).

3.       Children are to exit the car on the curbside only.

4.       Parents are to stay in their car at all times!

5.       Do not pull around another car or back up while in the traffic circle.

6.       Do not drop off in the RED zone.  Unloading in this area poses a safety risk to children and parents entering the school via the sidewalk.

7.       Please refrain from cell phone use while in the traffic circle.

8.       Please do not arrive at school before 8:10am, as your child cannot be supervised.

9.       Drivers dropping off a student in the Crocker drop-off zone may also drop off North students in the same area, where they may walk to North’s campus.

10.    Crocker students may be dropped off in the North traffic circle if the Crocker student has a sibling attending North School.

Afternoon Pick Up:

1.       Please clearly display the laminated placard with your child’s name in your windshield.

2.       As you approach the top of the traffic circle, your child will be called from the student pick-up zone and directed to one of five numbered pick-up queues.  You will be told which queue to proceed to in order for your child to enter the car.

3.       You may not wait in your car, near the pick-up zone, for your child to be dismissed.  Please plan your arrival several minutes after your child is dismissed. Pulling up early is not helpful in this scenario.

4.       If you arrive before your child, you must exit the parking lot, proceed around the island on Floribunda and re-enter the parking lot.  Please do not rejoin the cars waiting in line until you have exited and re-entered the lot.


6.       Please refrain from cell phone use while in the traffic circle.

7.       Parents are to stay in their car at all times.

8.       Crocker students are not to be picked up in the North traffic circle unless they have a sibling attending North School.

9.       Children will be brought to the office to wait for their parents approximately 15 minutes after the 3rd – 5th dismissal bell.  Please refer to the Bell Schedule: for  North dismissal times.

Thank you for your help in keeping all of our kids safe!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your North Parent Group Traffic Chair: Stacy Glynn via Konstella