Dues, Reimbursements & Budget

The North Parent Group Board has approved a budget for the 20-21 school year.  If you have any questions, you can contact the NPG Treasurer Grace Leung via Konstella.

North Parent Group Dues -  We depend entirely on dues to fund many important programs like Art in Action, STEAM Fair and Service Learning, fun community-building events like Welcome Coffees, Movie Night & Family Heritage Day, plus classroom enrichment supplies, teacher gifts, directories and your child's yearbook, just to name some of the items your dues cover.  All dues will be paid online this year for everyone’s convenience and security. We appreciate your continued support of our Parent Group and you can pay your dues online today by clicking on the following link: http://hcsdnpg.corecommerce.com/

Parent dues are due by September 6th, 2020.  

Expense Reimbursement Instructions

All expense reimbursements should be submitted via email within 30 days of the event. We are hoping to make this process seamless by making reimbursements via PayPal whenever possible. 

Expenses can be submitted according to the following instructions: 
  1. Photograph receipts with your smartphone
  2. Prepare an email with the Required information outlined below. Attach receipt photographs to the email. 
  3. Email to northvpfinance@gmail.com (If cannot attach receipt photos, send in multiple emails)
  4. Include PayPal account email for check-less reimbursement
  5. Copy the committee chair (to serve as approval)
  6. Copy the Executive VP (to serve as approval) if committee budget exceeded
  • Date:   
  • Amount:  
  • Payable to:  
  • PayPal account email preferred: 
  • Event / Committee: 
  • Description:  
  • If reimbursement via PayPal is not possible, please provide a "Send to Address" (if your address is different from the one contained in the School Directory)."
Sep 3, 2015, 12:30 AM